Doug Ransom

I have a couple RDF hobby projects on the go (I don't work much with RDF for a living). I think these are of interest because they are fun, and they are practical things that a non-expert in RDF might want to do. As I progress, I will try and log how things go in this wiki. Starting as basically an RDF layperson who understands triples (and if I try really really hard, XML Serialization of RDF). Its pretty hard for an RDF layperson to sort out the ideas and terms like taxonomy, ontology, and reification, and RDF schema.

A meta indexed poetry site MetadataEnrichedPoetrySiteForCherraRansom.

The PowderTour2K2 ski photo album.

MetadataVIATEC: Metadata that members of the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre can use to improve their web sites and RSS feeds.

I might create a FOAF file one day, once I figure out how to sign one using a private key from X.509 PKI.