FOAF and InformationServices


ATTENTION: this issue was outsourced to the Info Service Ontology


Status: This page describes a proposal for a Concept; it is not yet fixed or added to the spec.

Class: foaf:InfoService

InfoService - The class to model information service individuals.

subclassOf: owl:Thing

Status: testing

Property: foaf:info_service

info_service – Links the foaf:Document typed service link to your concept instance.

Status: testing

Domain: foaf:Document

Range: foaf:InfoService


This one is originally a Music Ontology proposal:

It deals about some changes in how to handle the modelling of linking a Concept, e.g. foaf:agent, mo:Track, mo:Record, mo:MusicArtist, to a related website of a information/music service. Here is my proposal: - introduce a new class, e.g. foaf:InfoService - define known services as Individual of this class, e.g. for Wikipedia, MySpace, MusicBrainz, Amazon, Discogs,, Pandora, Spotify, BBC, ..., maybe also with a link to the service homepage (similar to foaf:accountServiceHomepage or just use foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf) - introduce a new property, e.g. foaf:info_service - link the foaf:Document typed service link to your concept instance


@prefix mo: <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
mo:musicbrainz a foaf:InfoService ;
mo:musicbrainz foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf <> ;
mo:musicbrainz dc:title 'musicbrainz'^^xsd:string ;
mo:musicbrainz dc:description 'An open content music database'^^xsd:string .
a mo:MusicArtist ;
<> .
<> a 
foaf:Document ;
<> foaf:info_service 
mo:musicbrainz .


This should substitute properties, e.g. mo:myspace, mo:musicmoz, mo:musicbrainz, mo:amazon_asin, mo:discogs, mo:wikipedia and gives also the opportunity to annotate other services, eg., Pandora, Spotify, EchoNest, ...

it is a bit more complex, but it gives the user the opportunity to define own foaf:InfoService instances. Maybe this can also be done in a similar way with the definition of the diferent IMS ids (icqChatID, yahooChatID, msnChatID, skypeID, aimChatID, jabberID, ...).