FoafCamp 2004

This was an event in the BarCamp style. We hacked and debated and drank beer and dressed up in orange shirts :)



See: FoafCampProgramme


All known addresses are registered and active - otherwise give us your mac address Networkname ‘GUEST’ (all caps) NO password. It works on the whole campus

IRC Channels

We are using #foaf (which is logged) though we're using the wiki for most notes. Many people also hang out in #rdfig which is also logged and has a 'chump' (a communal blog interface, results at


FoafCamp is an informal FoafMeet held in Enschede, Netherlands, 19-20 August 2004. Details were on the [FoafCampHomepage|event web page].

We are using the wiki to help this event self-organise. Feel free to link from FoafCamp, FoafCampAttendees, FoafCampIdeasForDiscussion, FoafCampPresentations, or add pages of your own.

Photos are available: FoafCampPhotos


The "Die Bahn" online tool doesn't directly tell you prices from muenster/osnabrueck airport (FMO) to enschede/hengelo, so here is what they told me at a local train station: It should be about 15-25 EUR (depending on type of train) and will take 2:15 - 3:00 hours (which also depends on the bus/train you're using). hth..



LeoBard is going to Amsterdam on Friday evening. This is a possibility for further socialisation together: FoafCampSocialAmsterdam.

Also, at least some of us are arriving wednesday late afternoon or so, let's make sure to meet up then for a beer or so.

Yah, let's have dinner! See FoafCampFoodDrinkFun

In Enschede

FoafCampFoodDrinkFun stuff to do during FoafCamp on the campus or nearby. map of the campus (PDF).

Wireless access

The entire campus is covered with wireless access. If you know what you're doing and you've registered your MAC address, just hop on to the GUEST network and it should work. More detailed manuals in Dutch: