Editorial todo list. Trying to get this out while it's still the 1st Jan! 11:19, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

1. DONE Edition name: 3D Edition
2. DONE version number is 0.97
3. DONE wiki urls added for this and the prev version
4. @@ use CC-rel for the licensing in rdfa
5. DONE <a id="sec-glance"></a> instead of name=
6. DONE SW Status Vocab - referenced draft note at w3c, instead of raw rdf --- "Each term in FOAF is annotated with properties from the <a href="">SemWeb Vocab Status Ontology</a>"
7. DONE Wording improvements in <h3 id="extns_status">Status Vocabulary</h3>, including mention of 'archaic', and presenting the approach as 'evolving' rather than 'unstable'.
8. DONE RDF/XML TODO: mark 'geekcode' as archaic
9. DONE add Skype ID (with correct case); string values. Note Skype RDF/XML
10. POSTPONE @@  what is msn chat called now?
11. DONE for skypeID; postponed otherwise. longform OnlineAccount-based descriptions for the shortcut properties; at least the serviceProviderHomepage. (OWL2-able?)
12. DONE @@ add LabelProperty
13. DONE @@  OnlineAccount - mention that they can have URIs of something indicating the relationship bewteen account holder and service provider
14. POSTPONE @@ add an RDFa example? or section at least
15. DONE  @@ confusing wording x2; 'the core of foaf now is considered...' and 'These can be quite general...'
16. DONE @@ informal wording, 'as you please'; 'non-geological'
17. DONE (moved out, should be in wiki) @@ add hyperlinks (wikipedia?) for Redland, Jena
18. POSTPONED @@ consistency checks: az list complete? number of classes, properties? redirects? conneg?
19. POSTPONED surname 'archaic'
20. DONE @@ add lastName 
21. POSTPONED (well, partially done) @@ review wording for name properties
22. POSTPONED (partially done) @@ review table of contents; add links for external vocabs; add id for all major sections; 
23. DONE @@ foaf:age - review text, rdf/xml and mention it was added. prose is buggy, copied from birthday.
24. POSTPONED @@ update FoafVocab wiki link? or jus fix in wiki? latter
25. POSTPONED @@ check OWL DL compatibility and add a section
26. DONE @@ error 'so for example we say that foaf:Person has a subPropertyOf property whose ...'; wording? property vs class
27. POSTPONED @@ relationship with vCard, anything to say?
28. POSTPONED @@ porject/ past etc --- what to do?
29. DONE @@ check labels for foaf:account and foaf:holdsAcount (and how they show up in docs); 'account' for both is best. comment too?
30.  SPECGEN @@ 'may be the object of:' is the wrong wording; 'subject' intended?
31. DONE why is #term_Person_Surname capitalised when listed as a property for Person class? -- use IDs not labels!!
32. DONE (c) is now 2000-2010!
33. @@ VALIDATE IT! And check the RDF! 
34. @@ create a #sec-changes
35. @@ update Status section with main changes summarised, and cross-link down to #sec-changes
36. @@ check everything in doc/ is committed to svn/ (lastName, etc)
37. @@ create a section on naming, or at least a wiki page link rather than general IssueTracker.  NamesInFoaf
38. POSTPONED: translations? fr, german (foafcamp era), korean, japanese, persian, spanish?

39. PUBLISSH: Copy 20010101.rdf over index.rdf AND ../0.1/index.rdf 
40. OWL2 easy keys definition for foaf:skypeID
41. DONE Online Chat Account example for FreeNode now uses their homepage in example, as a more obvious URI; not
42. linked skypeID from Online Chat Account description
43. Noted that OnlineAccount subclasses are not mutually exclusive; and so chat accounts may also have other services.
44. DONE geek code property description shortened substantially; historical details can go in the wiki. Using Wikipedia as main citation now.
45. trimmed this parag (to move to wiki):
  <p>RDF is often written using XML syntax, but when written down in XML, it behaves in rather
  different ways to 'vanilla' XML: the same RDF can be written in
  many different ways in XML. This means that SAX and DOM XML
  parsers are not adequate to deal with RDF/XML. If you want to
  process the data, you will need to use one of the many RDF
  toolkits available, such as Jena (Java) or Redland (C). <a href=                             
  "">Semantic Web
  Interest Group</a> members can help with issues which may arise;
  there is also the <a href=
  mailing list which is the main list for FOAF, and two active and
  friendly <a href=
  "">IRC</a> channels:
  <a href="irc://">#swig</a> and <a href=
  "irc://">#foaf</a> on <a href=
46. Added     <li><a href="#sec-extrefs">External Vocabulary References</li> to table of contents.
47. changed the danbri example, not showing mbox_sha1sum and using openid instead. 
48. added age to the overview listing, also skypeID
* expand <code>rdfs:label</code> etc to local links
* can we specify exact rdf input file