I've been involved with RDF for a few years now, involved with CC/PP and RDFcore working groups. I'm currently interested in learning how the theoretical underpinnings of RDF can be used to bring value to real applications. As such, I think FOAF represents an excellent breeding ground for ideas and techniques for using RDF and friends.

I'm also interested in using functional programming techniques (particularly Haskell) as a link between workaday programming to make things happen, and formally verifiable inferences in RDF data. I've done some experimental work in comparison, query, report generation and inference in RDF data.

My work-in-progress executable exploration of Description Logics in Haskell is here: [1]

My home page. My FOAF data (very out-of-date)

Notes to find later:

Jo Walsh page of links on geopolitical topics: [2]

Wireless LAN config: WlanConfig