This is the main public IssueTracker for FOAF open issues. It should be consulted by the spec editor (DanBri) when revising the FOAF specification. The list (and substantive FOAF updates) was largely on-hold 2006-2008 despite a few updates/additions (eg. foaf:openid). Future editions of the FOAF specification will be more closely cross-referenced to this list; it remains a good place to record issues.

Note that the list archives for pre-2007 discussion are for rdfweb-dev. The main FOAF list is now foaf-dev. While foaf-dev's archive includes historical rdfweb-dev posts, they are numbered differently. These issues often point to the older static archive of rdfweb-dev.

Nearby: Dublin Core Agents Wiki, where the relationship between DC and FOAF can be worked out.

Status: As of 2009-01-12, all non-closed issues are listed together as 'unsorted'. Some of them are probably closed or no longer relevant. Candidate issues and ill-formed thoughts are recorded lower in the page. Please help sort these by editing their pages, modernising Wiki syntax, and sending mail to foaf-dev with proposed resolutions! Thanks! -- DanBri


Issues for Review



Recent (unsorted) Issues
Issue Date Contact Description Link Status
FOAF and Contact Ontology Issue 2010-05-17 Bob Ferris, zazi at How to connect FOAF to the Contact Ontology? foaf mailing list proposal created
foaf:Image + foaf:img Issue 2010-05-17 Bob Ferris, zazi at foaf:Image subclassOf foaf:Document or not? + Domain of foaf:img = foaf:Agent? foaf mailing list issue noticed
FOAF and Information Services 2010-05-17 Bob Ferris, zazi at Modelling of link to information services foaf mailing list issue outsourced to the Info Service Ontology
Connect FOAF And VCard Issue2010-05-17 Josef PetrĂ¡k me at, Bob Ferris zazi at A new Property called foaf:businessCard to link a business card, e.g. of rdf:type vcard:VCard, to a FOAF profile.foaf mailing listproposal created
DeprecateFundedByAndThemeIssue2009-12-12 Libby Miller libby at These properties are marked, respectively: 'This property is under-specified, experimental, and should be considered liable to change.' and 'The foaf:theme property is rarely used and under-specified'foaf mailing listfixed in 2009-12-15
LowHangingAligmentIssue2009-12-01 Melvin Carvalho melvincarvalho at givenname -> givenName, family_name -> familyName, And as a maybe, title -> honorificPrefixfoaf mailing listfixed in 2009-12-15
SpecVersionWrongIssue2009-11-24 Antoine Zimmermann antoine.zimmermann at gmail.comthe specfication at [2] says that "this version" is, which turns out to be different than the current version foaf mailing list fixed in 2009-12-15
FoafAgentDCTAgentIssue2009-11-24 Antoine Zimmermann antoine.zimmermann at gmail.comfoaf:Person is now asserted to be equivalent to dcterm:Agent. This is very weird since Agent is described as "[a] resource that acts or has the power to act" and dcterm says "examples of Agent include person, organization, and software agent". foaf mailing list fixed in 2009-12-15
DisjointPersonOrgIssue2009-11-24 Antoine Zimmermann antoine.zimmermann at gmail.comthe "foaf:Person owl:disjointWith foaf:Organization" axiom has been commented with the text "Oh no it isn't". foaf mailing listsuggest fix next
MissingWordnetOntologyIssue2009-11-24 Antoine Zimmermann antoine.zimmermann at all references to the wordnet ontology have been removed. What is the rationale behind this?foaf mailing list explained in 2009-12-15
RDFXMLRelicTextIssue2009-01-20 Shepard says "All FOAF documents must be well-formed RDF/XML documents." - is that a relic that should be removed? swig irc fixed in 2009-12-15
FoafVcardPortablecontactsMappingIssue2009-11-16Melvin Carvalho melvincarvalho at Mappings foaf / vcard / portable contacts - google spreadsheetfoaf mailing list
FoafTopicInterestThingsIssue 2009-09-02danbri This actually echoes some discussion I've had with folk lately about foaf:interest and foaf:topic_interest, and whether the latter could reasonably be used to point to both things and SKOS concepts for those things. I was already leaning towards proposing a "yes" there, but if DCMI are doing it, then it is good company to be in :) foaf mailing list
MissingFoafOpenIdPropertyIssue2009-09-27 Richard Cyganiak richard at According to the spec, FOAF has a foaf:openid property: But I can't find any trace of this property in the spec at foaf mailing list fixed in 2009-12-15
MyersBriggsObjectPropertyErrorIssue2009-09-27 Richard Cyganiak richard at The definition of foaf:myersBriggs, The typing as an owl:ObjectProperty is surely an error? Also not the first time this was reported: Any chance of getting this fixed? foaf mailing list fixed in 2009-12-15
MigrateToFoafAccountIssue2009-09-22danbri migrate from foaf:holdsAccount to foaf:account? foaf mailing listfixed in 2009-12-15
MissingFoafSpecProcessissue2009-07-31 Sergey Chernyshev sergey.chernyshev at gmail.comHow do I get the spec changed?foaf mailing list
MissingAccountProfilePage2009-07-31 Sergey Chernyshev sergey.chernyshev at I was adding account editing functionality to MySemanticProfile and looking through a few FOAF files around, I found foaf:accountProfilePage indicating user's profile page (account's homepage if you will). I did implement it to provide support for it and you can see the module here: and RDF/XML here: But I'm obviously worried that it's not in the spec. foaf mailing list
RDFXMLInSpecValidationIssue2009-06-05danbri RDF/XML embedded in the spec means that it doesn't validate correctlyfoaf mailing list fixed in 2009-12-15
FoafPersonalPhoneIssue2009-05-26 Kjetil Kjernsmo kjetil at So, nowadays people run around with a mobile phone that is just theirs, thus the phone number for that phone is for all practical purposes an IFP. Thus, it would be nice to have it declared a such foaf mailing list
StablizeFoafPhoneIssue2009-05-26 Kjetil Kjernsmo kjetil at foaf mailing list
FoafTopicDCSubjectIssue2009-04-23 Danny Ayers danny.ayers at make foaf:topic

rdfs:subPropertyOf dcterms:subject ?

foaf mailing list
FoafInterestMinorInconsistencyIssue2009-02-03 Danny Ayers danny.ayers at The foaf:interest property represents an interest of a foaf:Agent, ... the last text line here suggests the domain is foaf:Agent, though the RDF version has foaf:Personfoaf mailing list suggest fix next
FoafAccountAccessPageIssue 2009-02-03Olivier GENDRIN olivier.gendrin at Looking at Danny RDF version of the semwab twitter pack [1], I think

that we may need a foaf:accountAccesspage in foaf:OnlineAccount, in order not to have to guess the account page URL just with foaf:accountServiceHomepage and foaf:accountName

foaf mailing list
FoafMemberConfusingNamingIssue2009-02-06Juan Sequeda juanfederico at I am wondering why the property foaf:member has domain foaf:Group and range foaf:Agent. For me, it is obvious that it should be the other way around because an Agent is member of a Group.foaf mailing list similar issue


Unsorted Issues
BirthdayIssuemortenfWhat to do: A property or set of properties indicating age, birthday and/or birthdate of a person?
SpokenLanguagesthomasIs there a property for languages a person speaks?. See speaks, reads, writes
PersonWeblogRssDocumentationIssuemortenfHow-to: It's often useful to be able to connect people or their weblogs with RSS feeds.
OnlineAccountHomepageIssueleigh@ldodds.comAdd a new property to tie an account to its related homepage
OwnsIssuedanbri@danbri.orgto add or not to add foaf:owns rdfweb-dev email
SpecialPowerIssuedanbri@danbri.orgto add or not to add (maybe in kitchen sink namespace?)rdfweb-dev email
KitchenSinkNamespaceIssuedanbri@danbri.orgnew namespace for less serious properties rdfweb-dev email
DocumentMetadataConventionsnot assignedJulian's suggestion to suggest good practice for document infor like last modified,created, etc rdfweb-dev email
WordnetIssuedanbri@danbri.orgWordnet namespace RDF is wrong.
SubscribesToIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:subscribesTo suggested
NameVocabIssuemof-rdf@mfd-consult.dkfirstname/surname/given/family underspecified, inconsistent...
HashSlashIssuedanbri@danbri.orgWe lack confirmation that it is OK to deploy class and pr...
ChatVocabIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:chat sub-properties could be better described
MemberVocabIssuedanbri@danbri.orgesigler's question about rdf syntax / foaf:member not having an inverse
XsltDocumentationIssuedanbri@danbri.orgdocumentation of xslt-conversion deployment technique (danc's homepage, xfn mapping etc)
SchemaTranslationIssuedanbri@danbri.orgwould like to solicit translations of core documentation (classes/properties at least)
PreferredContactIssuedanbri@danbri.org2004-01-12 proposal by Julian Bond: foaf:preferredContact, to Provide a public contact point where a person is happy to receive unsolicited messages from people who have found their FOAF. (email/phone/IM/etc) or 2004-01-17 foaf:knows widened to encompass agents, or a superProperty instead.
ChatIdSubPropertiesIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:chat sub-properties could be better described
TrustVocabIssuedanbri@danbri.orgPGP key vocabulary not documented or in schema 7 bugs found.
PgpVocabUndocumentedIssuedanbri@danbri.orgPGP key vocabulary not documented or in schema
SubscribesToForListsIssuedanbri@rdwfeb.orgWould be good to express mailing list membership etc using the groups mechanism
MirrorServiceIssuenot assignedHow to say 'I mirror this' e.g. Jim's airports service rdfweb-dev email
LostPropertyIssuenot assignedbeing able to tag a person as lost rdfweb-dev email
CurrentPastProjectConnectionsIssuenot assigned"Further work is needed to specify the connections between this class [foaf:Project] and the FOAF properties foaf:currentProject and foaf:pastProject." see spec and rdfweb-dev email
VersionVocabIssuenot assignedVersion vocab addition for deprecation handling - Danny Ayers email to rdfweb-dev
NickTitleDomainRangeMissingIssuenot assignednick and title have no domain and range email to rdfweb-dev
SkypeIdIssuenot assignedhow to use sype ids with foaf Skype ID mail to rdfweb-dev form Julian Bond
CurrentPastProjectRangeIssuenot assignedtighten up range of current and past project? mailtto rdfweb-dev
KnowsInverseIssuenot assigneddoes knows need an inverse? Julian's mail to rdfweb-dev
SchematronSchemasIssuesnot assignedpossible edits to the schematron profiles of foaf Julian's email to rdfweb-dev
CommentsOnPeopleIssuenot assignedsaying e.g. Dave is a GUI expert Kartik's mail to rdfweb-dev
OwlClassFoafSpecIssuedanbri@danbri.orgcan we add owl:Class as well as rdfs:Class to the foaf spec? email from Benjamin Nowak to rdfweb-dev
UsingTapForIdentificationIssuedanbri@danbri.orghow can we use a TAP id to identify e.g. dead people or famous ones esp for codepiction email to rdfweb-dev
TelAsIfpIssuenot assignedshould phone be an inverse functional property? message from Jim Ley to rdfweb-dev
AuthoredCoauthoredIssuenot assignedauthored coauthored new properties? mail to rdfweb-dev from Earle Martin
MboxSha1SumCaseIssuedanbri@danbri.orgleadin zeros and upper/lowercase rdfweb-dev email
InverseOfThumbnailIssuemof-rdf@mfd-consult.dkfoaf:thumbnail doesn't have an inverse message from Morten Frederiksen present in human-readable spec but missing from the embedded RDF version: OnlineAccount, OnlineChatAccount, gender, OnlineEcommerceAccount, OnlineGamingAccount, member, PersonalProfileDocument, accountName, accountServiceHomepage, holdsAccount, membershipClass, primaryTopic, tipjar. rdfweb-dev email RDF version of vocab in spec is rendered with <-- --> instead of rdfweb-dev email
OwlImportsIssuenot assignedFOAF RDFS file imports the OWL and RDFS ontologies; this is not necessary and not recommended
GroupIssuedanbri@danbri.orgWe need a consistent way of representing groups
MissingXmlBaseIssuedanbri@danbri.orgFOAF RDFS file contains owl:Ontology header whose URI does not match the file's URL, xml:base addition would correct this.
DocumentIssuenot assignedfoaf:Document is lacking a proper definition
OnlineAccountSubClassIssuenot assignedTypo: in the schema, the various Online*Account classes are subclass of a wordnet:OnlineAccount rather than foaf:OnlineAccount Ian's summary of problem

Resolved Issues

PersonalProfileDocumentIssuedanbri@danbri.orgShould be added to spec? useful to identify that this is a particular person's foaf file email to rdfweb-dev - see term definition"the notion of "the main topic" rather than "a topic" " rdfweb-dev email - see term definition
ImageIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:Image is undocumented
ChatSubPropertyIssuedanbri@danbri.orgseveral subproperties of foaf:chat are misdeclared
IchatIdRedundantIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:ichatID redundant since ichat uses AIM
MboxUnderconstrainedIssuedanbri@danbri.orgfoaf:mbox is undersconstrained (no domain, range) This fix is not showing up in the RDF in spec. at [1] --SimonP
ImagePartsIssueDanBridepicts has domain Image so can't be used for parts of image Masahide's email to rdfweb-dev (resolved with new vocab)
SpatialThingIssuenot assignedPerson being a subclass of SpatialThing prevents usage with dead or fictitious people Dan's summary of the property IRC mention by IanDavis - SpatialThing includes abstract spaces such as cubes other than agents have homepages chumped summary for events, same issue for Pubs, inconsistency with foaf:Project --- RESOLVED with the Galway update to the spec, removing the domain specification

Potential Issues?

Other issues that should be written up as BlahBlahIssue entries. If you write up an issue, please try to get danbri or libby to acknowledge it by email in rdfweb-dev, so we can track its status and resolution. If email doesn't get answered (sometimes life gets in the way...), IRC might be a good way of chasing up acknowledgement/status/closure.

Brief note of issue content, name in brackets is person who documented it here.

  1. swig IRC: Shepard tell danbri says "All FOAF documents must be well-formed RDF/XML documents." - is that a relict that should be removed?

foaf:Image is not very precise with respect to SVG bitmaps etc (Dan Brickley)

using IM uris (Ian Davis)

other identifying features of people (Stephen Pollei)

documenting foaf/vcard equivalence (Danny Ayers)

nice scutters (Edd Dumbill)

nice scutters (Julian Bond)

how best to describe the location of an image (Morten Frederiksen) -- note that the post refers to dc:spatial, should be dcterms:spatial.

seealsos issues (Libby Miller)

few other questions asked on the list

Raw Materials

[18:42] phenny: danbri: 11 May 22:18Z <earle> tell danbri I notice you seem to be using "foaf:pubkeyAddress", did you mean "wot:pubkeyAddress"?
[18:42] phenny: danbri: 11 May 22:27Z <earle> tell danbri also s/keyid/hex_id/ ?
[18:42] phenny: danbri: 12 May 00:12Z <earle> tell danbri Actually, are you the maintainer for WOT? If so I have a suggestion.
[18:42] phenny: danbri: 04:12Z <kasei> tell danbri I think the foaf spec (html version only) is missing the OWL type (functional) for primaryTopic while isPrimaryTopicOf properly lists it as an IFP.

logger: See

From Laconica IRC: "duck1123: so do you guys know if anyone has come up with a good foaf property to discover a Person's open microblog url?"

relating agents to orgs

[13:39] danbri: bengee: what's missing, though is the relation between the person and the org [13:39] danbri: [11:18] bengee: i.e. an rdf property for hcard's "org" [15:13] arc-bot:

foaf:logo should be an IFP?

[09:01] kwijibo: danbri: why isn't foaf:logo an IFP ? (not that there's a really strong reason it needs to be I suppose...)
[09:01] kwijibo: but can more than one thing have the same logo?
[09:06] danbri: i think we discussed it, and were concerned that sites were autogenerating foaf and leaving default.png in there
[09:06] danbri: actually that's for foaf:img more
[09:06] danbri: it's certainly a candidate
[09:08] kwijibo: thanks danbri - so it's something that could possibly change in the next overhaul you talked about?
[09:09] danbri: yeah, if we can find evidence of use, and no evidence it'll cause a mess

is workInfoHomepage inverse functional


Often two parts of the same HTML document describe people in stafflist, for example.

Should we add IFP-ness to the schema definition?

sub-issue, see #foo and document identity

#foo and foaf:Document identity

can and be URIs for distinct foaf:Document instances?