Friend of a Friend (FOAF) Wiki


The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project is creating a Web of machine-readable pages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do.

Currently the most important entry here is the IssueTracker, which keeps note of known issues with the FOAF specification.

Please note that the ability to edit here is currently locked down, purely for anti-spam reasons. Editors are welcome but we need to add you by hand for now; ask in #foaf IRC, or on foaf-dev. It would help if you use OpenID...

Got a question? Ask in the foaf-dev Mailing List.


The current version of the FOAF Vocabulary is v0.98

Jumping Off Points

Some starting points:

  • FAQ has answers to a number of FOAF related questions including general project and "getting started" information
  • Developers guide to using FOAF
  • Tools based on the FOAF vocabulary
  • FoafHistory has some background on the origins of the FOAF project
  • Criticism -- critiques of FOAF

Active Pages & Feedback

A Wiki really comes into its own when its users help to refine each others pages, e.g. adding information, answering questions, providing feedback, etc.

  • The FOAFBulletinBoard provides a way for sharing your FOAF URL with other wiki-users and Foaf harvesters
  • ApplicationIdeas -- a page listing ideas for FOAF applications.
  • Possible_Issues -- issues as raised in implementation, need to be sorted
  • TODO -- pages requesting help. Give them some love.

Feel free to add links, suggestions here, much as you might on the foaf-dev mailing list. Leave a link and brief description here if you add new content. A consequence of this is that as a reader, you shouldn't expect complete coherence from the site: you'll find a mix of useful tips, personal content, brainstorming and scribbles. Consider this a freeform scratchpad, designed to be easy to update, and as a quick place to capture an idea or link before it is forgotten.

Data Sources



Related sites

  • The ESW Wiki may also be of some interest, being full of notes on RDF and Semantic Web technology. Includes details of the WebID protocol
  • FOAF on Wikipedia

Web site / wiki contact: DanBri ( or the FOAF mailing list.

Wiki admin: Special:ListUsers/sysop is a list of sysop accounts; contact danbri if you want to help; sysops can use the Special:UserRights page which can grant bureacrat status (which lets you help with exciting stuff like spam deletions). See Special:Categories for a list of categories; some need pages creating.

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