term OnlineChatAccount

Suggestions from User:Lorenzodetomasi (see foaf-dev mail)

... who suggests:

  1. to classify openid as jabberID, aimChatID, icqChatID, msnChatID,yahooChatID, skypeID.
  2. to rename accountName to accountID, for a better semantic value and to uniform it to jabberID, aimChatID, icqChatID, msnChatID,yahooChatID, skypeID, openid;
  3. to introduce a rdf:type for account service foaf properties, to specify correspondance to convenience chat ID properties provided by Foaf, i.e. jabberID, aimChatID, icqChatID, msnChatID,yahooChatID, skypeID, openid;
  4. to introduce accountServiceName (or simply reuse name), to specify a label for each account service, for example Jabber, Aim, Icq, Msn, Yahoo!, Skype;
  5. to introduce new account resource types, merging an existing ontology or creating Foaf ones like:
    1. onlineProfileAccount for profiles, i.e. (like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Profile, Orkut etc.) that are often also a contact service (mail, chat, microblogging);
    2. onlineResumeAccount for resumes, i.e. (like Linkedin etc.);
    3. onlinePortfolioAccount for portfolios, i.e. (like Flickr, DeviantArt etc.);
    4. onlineBlogAccount for blogs and microblogs (evaluating onlineMicroblogAccount), i.e. (like WordPress.com, Blogspot, identi.ca, Twitter etc.).
  6. to reorganize accounts type as follows:
    1. /account/online/portfolio
    2. /account/online/profile
    3. /account/online/resume
    4. /account/online/blog
    5. /account/online/microblog
  7. to introduce accountPersonalHomepage, to specify the personal profile page on online services like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. (sometimes it can be same as accountID, i.e. OpenID).

A code example (please correct probable errors as a semantic web newbye :-):

     <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/OnlineChatAccount"/>

danbri response

Thanks for this! Can't respond all at once now but I've reformatted this page a bit, to attribute your suggestions and give others some structure for their notes. One point re other subclasses of OnlineAccount is that we haven't seen the existing types heavily used yet. Danbri.org 10:34, 7 January 2010 (UTC)

Longer reply in email. Danbri.org 11:16, 7 January 2010 (UTC)