term businessCard



Status: This page describes a proposal for a property; it is not yet fixed or added to the spec.

Property: foaf:businessCard

businessCard – A business card of an agent.

Status: testing

Domain: owl:Thing

Range: owl:Thing

The businessCard property is a relation between an Agent and a VCard (a business card) describing this agent, which may be either a person or a group, organization.

Suggestion from danbri: range might better be a kind of document, foaf:PersonalProfileDocument so we are not tightly bound to the VCard design. Are vcard's 'VCard' objects considered documents? Do they distinguish between their RDF version and the original standard IETF format?

Michael says: +1 to the range proposal from danbri, maybe even foaf:Document. I'd also suggest to relax the domain: only owl:Thing, IMO (as I proposed in http://open.vocab.org/terms/businessCard.html)

Josef: OK, maybe I am much RDF/vCard–focused. RDF/VCard should be a vc:VCard class, IETF vCard may be something like foaf:Document or other type of document/file class. In this case, I would propose to change to rdf:Resource or owl:Thing. Concerning domain – the original property at OpenVocab does not have the domain, I would choose either rdf:Resoure or owl:Thing.

zazi: Why not restrict the domain to foaf:Agent, owl:Thing is a bit to vague and the FOAF Ontology should be the main ontology for profile definitions.


Using RDF vCard

  <foaf:name>John Doe</foaf:name>
      <vc:fn>John Doe</vc:fn>
      <!-- Other VCard content -->

Using IETF vCard

  <foaf:name>John Doe</foaf:name>
    <foaf:Document rdf:about="http://path.to/your.vcard/file.vcs"/>


Representing vCard Objects in RDF, W3C Member Submission 20 January 2010