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DocumentIssue FoafVocab

Current status: open, not assigned

This is a FoafVocab issue, documented as such by linking it from the IssueTracker page.

General issue

From the current term definition for foaf:Document:

We do not (currently) distinguish precisely between physical and electronic documents, or between copies of a work and the abstraction those copies embody. The relationship between documents and their byte-stream representation needs clarification (see foaf:sha1 for related issues).

The missing disinction between physical and eletronic documents makes expectations hard to meet.

See also #rdfig discussion re "linking" to urn:isbn.

When an issue is resolved or its status w.r.t. the FOAF spec changes, that changed state of affairs should be documented somewhere less transient than the wiki. See IssueTracker for more notes on issue management conventions.