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It would be nice for the FOAF vocabulary to include an inverse property of foaf:thumbnail.

current status: open

This is a FoafVocab issue, documented as such by linking it from the IssueTracker page.

* Mail from Morten Frederiksen to rdfweb-dev


An RSS channel referencing a web-sized image that has a thumbnail as well as an original version and a page showing the image, with a link to the original.

<rss:channel rdf:about="">
      <rdf:li rdf:resource=""/>
<rss:item rdf:about="">
  <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
  <rss:title>Example image</rss:title>
  <foaf:page rdf:resource=""/>
  <foaf:thumbnail rdf:resource=""/>
  <foaf:original rdf:resource=""/>