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- MboxSha1SumCaseIssue

current status: open

Currently when various tools convert foaf:mbox rdf:resource mailto's into foaf:mbox_sha1sum, the email is not canonisized by making it lower case. This is required for RFC 822 "Standard for the format of ARPA internet text messages" in the section 3.4.7 "Case Independence".

However, the current spec text for foaf:mbox_sha1sum states that it is a textual representation of the result of applying the SHA1 mathematical functional to a 'mailto:' identifier (URI) for an Internet mailbox that they stand in a foaf:mbox relationship to. So, if something's wrong, it is really the foaf:mbox property spec text that should be updated. -- MortenFrederiksen

As an example:

<foaf:mbox rdf:resource=""/>

converts to:



<foaf:mbox rdf:resource=""/>

converts to:


Another thing is that RFC 822 states that the local part is case sensitive, so it's really only the host name that could/should be lowercased. -- MortenFrederiksen