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current status: open. This is a FoafVocab issue, documented as such by linking it from the IssueTracker page.

The problem: The FOAF RDFS file imports the RDFS and OWL ontologies.

Quoting from :

   <owl:imports rdf:resource=""/>
   <owl:imports rdf:resource=""/>

This is not necessary and not recommended. Quoting from :

   "Note that in order to use the OWL vocabulary you do not need to import the owl.rdf ontology. In fact, such an import is not recommended."

The solution: I suggest removing the two imports from the RDFS file.

Discussion on rdfweb-dev:

* RichardCyganiak raises issue:
* DanBrickley agrees:
* RonAlford agrees:

(In case you wonder why anyone should care: A practical reason against importing the ontologies, and the reason why I noticed in the first place, is this: When you develop a generic RDFS/OWL vocabulary viewer or editor, you want to give the user the option to also view/edit classes and properties from imported ontologies. But the option to view/edit the OWL and RDFS classes and properties is absolutely useless and might confuse the user. Therefore, ontologies that do not import the RDFS and OWL files are better.)

-- RichardCyganiak