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FoaF Creators

* Create a FoaF file with LeighDodds' FOAF-a-matic 
* or FoaF Creator, which uses formsPlayer and XForms.
* foafme as a swing gui to to roundtrip editing and Jena backend.
* scifoaf a java webstart application using the PubMed bibliographic database. 
* Elmo is a Java API for FOAF available at 
* vIdentity creates FOAF, (example,) though it's limited in what you can express.
* Export Address Book to FOAF is an AppleScript for Mac OS X that allows users to manage their FOAF profile from within the Address Book.

Using FOAF for authentication in webapps:

* SharedID: Single Sign On via FOAF

Aggregators, user interfaces, visualization systems etc... let's collect links first, reorganise as we go...

* A FoafWebBrowser like PeopleLink or FoafExplorer lets you see people's FOAF pages by a web interface.
* FoafNaut lets you view FOAF pages by SVG.
* Zopto: Foaf community
* eikeon's FOAF: Web View
* Elmo contains a set of tools for crawling, smushing and validating FOAF profiles
* myfoafexplorer java 1.5 applet used to browse a scientific network (papers, groups,...) based on FOAF
* FOAF-inator is a FOAF navigation tool developed in PHP. 
* FOAFMap: Display FOAF profiles (groups and personnal) on a Google Map
* Other CoolStuff
* ...others

What user-oriented software packages are exploring FOAF support?

   * does FOAFNaut count? It's software, but it's a webpage, it's an SVG and Javascript webpage application thingumy, ...
   * foafbot will chat to users in an IRC channel, recounting things it has learned from reading the Web of FOAF documents.
   *  Spring v1.3+ has some FOAF support (see foaf weblog for detail).
   * WinRSS has support for FOAF (through connecting to FoaF Explorer).
   * [1]An interesting application of the semantic web which brings together an Office XP addin to publish your contacts in RDF format to a webservice which then forms communities based on your friends. 
   * [2] A simple FOAF generator.
   * PonG DAML - A tool to keep your address book up to date (via XMLRPC) and generates foaf.
   * [3] Bourne shell scripts for maintaining and generating foaf.
   * FoafGeoGraph Perl script to extract geo information from FOAF files and plot them using xplanet.  Shows how to use XML::FOAF for the simple things such as the name, and how to use RDF::Core::Statement to get at more than one seeAlso and the geo:lat and geo:long inside the  foaf:based_near (as well as fetching foaf files from the web).
   * [4] PHPWiki Basic Foaf Profile Viewer - in progress, part of wider effort to Foaf Enable applications like PHPwiki, phpbb, phplist etc. Similar to SharedID.
   * [5] Basic Foaf plugin for Movable Type - in progress, uses XML::Foaf to give access to FOAF data from Movable Type templates
   * Flink is a dynamic presentation of the social network of the Semantic Web community, extracted from webpages, publications, emails and FOAF profiles. Flink also exports the aggregated data in FOAF format.

-- Java source code from Hewlett Packard's SemanticBloggingProject (A voluminous project report is available here)

-- Trust-forum project of a free software of new webmail in PHP with a trust system, aims to include a publication system of RDF data for dating