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This page serves as a hub of references to further document development of the foaf:tipjar property.

* FOAFLog Discussion of foaf:tipjar.
* Suggestion of integrating foaf:tipjar in ID3 tags.

Recent comments from MikeLinksvayer of Creative Commons:

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 21:39:07 -0700 
From: Mike Linksvayer <ml at> 
To: "B.K. DeLong" <> 
Subject: Re: foaf:tipjar ? 

I just noticed the other day <>, 
which runs counter to the way I was planning to implement foaf:Agent 
(and thus foaf:tipjar) within CC metadata, like

       <foaf:name>John Doe</foaf:name>
       <foaf:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
       <foaf:tipjar rdf:resource=""/>

a usage the above page tentatively recommends against.

This seems like a really natural usage.  Note that an example under discussion at 
dc-agents uses such a construction, if I understand it (example 2 at 
Yes, dc:creator can be messy.  But if we have to rely on something ad hoc like

?D dc:creator ?N .
implied by
?D foaf:maker ?M .
?M foaf:name ?N

why not

?D dc:creator ?N
implied by
?D dc:creator ?M .
?M foaf:name ?N

Perhaps because we theoretically also have to deal with any arbitrary RDF construct in dc:creator.

I'm not complaining here, just wondering aloud what CC should do --

(1) Recommend foaf:maker to denote creator of a copyrightable work
(2) Use the advised-against construct mixing dc:creator and foaf:Agent above
(3) Wait to see what the re-opened(?) dc-agents group comes up with 
(see jiscmail link above).  Note that at least two people posted public responses 
saying "look at FOAF" in response to the dc-agents requirements posting, as I, 
and I bet others, did privately.

(3) doesn't seem to be a realistic option for CC, as we're probably going to do 
something with tipjars in the next couple months, and it would be good to have 
the appropriate metadata ready.  FWIW we may also do something along the lines 
of "here's where you can buy out the rights that have been reserved."