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WordnetIssue FoafVocab

current status: open

This is a FoafVocab issue, documented as such by linking it from the IssueTracker page.

The RDF used to describe Wordnet nouns as RDF classes is broken. It (due to Perl bug) confuses terms with the synonym-sets that group them.

Known problem, work is in progress on Ruby and Perl rewrites.

To resolve this, we need to create an anonymous or numerically named class that stands for the grouping of all the classes associated with a synonym set. Or perhaps to associate a class named after the first term from a synset with the super-class? Also we should make sure that the server returns wellformed XML from URLs that result in empty wordnet results.

Still todo:

  * have pointers to rdfweb-dev email, IRC chatlog, weblog etc. pages where the issue was originally raised
  * briefly summarise the problem, oportunity, confusion etc.
  * link to test cases, examples etc where possible
  * have an issue owner (who has acknowledged this role in some archived forum)