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Current status: open Owner:

This is a FoafVocab issue, documented as such by linking it from the IssueTracker page.

mail from Dan Connolly on RDF and XSLT

XFN and foaf, Eric A. Meyer XFN and foaf, rdfweb-dev XFN and foaf, Leigh Dodds

Broadly, each issue description should:

  * have pointers to rdfweb-dev email, IRC chatlog, weblog etc. pages where the issue was originally raised
  * briefly summarise the problem, oportunity, confusion etc.
  * link to test cases, examples etc where possible
  * have an issue owner (who has acknowledged this role in some archived forum)

When an issue is resolved or its status w.r.t. the FOAF spec changes, that changed state of affairs should be documented somewhere less transient than the wiki. See IssueTracker for more notes on issue management conventions.